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Diamonds are traditionally the most coveted and prized gemstone of not only collectors of fine gems but of men and women seeking beauty in stones for adornment. Without some basic knowledge,  the average buyer cannot make an intelligent decision when purchasing diamonds. With this in mind, we have compiled some basic diamond terms and facts tailored to aid in your diamond purchase.

The most important thing to know about diamonds is the "4 C's"....Carat, Clarity, Color and Cut.

CARAT - Diamonds are measured by carat weight, not size. The weight of the diamond provides a basis in the valuation of a diamond. The universal abbreviation for carat is ct. The scale below is a comparison of the sizes based upon carat weight and cutting (note: diamonds are approx. to scale).

    clarity grading scale
    CLARITY - Most diamonds are not perfect and clarity imperfections are naturally created over time. These imperfections can be blemishes, inclusions or feathers. The clarity of a diamond refers to how clean or clear the diamond is internally. There is also a universal rating system on diamond clarity grading (as shown below).
    color grading scale
    superior diamonds services
    CUT - Do not confuse the cut of a diamond vs. the shape. Shape refers to round, marquise, oval, princess, cushion or baguette just to name a few. While the cut determines the brilliancy of the stone, the "make" will also give the diamond its proportioning. Obtaining optimum "table" and "depth" proportions are critical for superior diamonds.

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